• Android


    Android platform is open to the unlimited creative and contrasting the two mobile applications you can explore the technical possibilities opportunities. Google expands its powerful capabilities to the Android platform makes this strategy as many companies.

  • PhoneGap


    We are committed PhoneGap developers use their existing skills in HTML and JavaScript to create a fast, easy and simple way mobile web applications. They do not take advantage of the interaction between the native hardware iPhone, Android and Blackberry SDK and PhoneGap development.

  • Web Design


    The website is the main tool for generating new business support on the customer base. Appcarry Design will work with you to design a website that meets the specific needs of your company.

  • HTML5

    Web application

    HTML5 fast emerging as a promising platform, power packed with a rich set of APIs and technology to develop an intrinsic activity of mobile and web applications across multiple platforms supported browser, and quick user experience.

Our Works

Paint The Canvas

Paint the Canvas is a drawing app can draw beautiful art with different color by using your finger. This app interesting and fun for kids and their parents. Use your creativity to create amazing drawings, Save and send to friends. Also very entertaining for children, it keeps them busy and it is improve their creativity.

* 11 Different colors presented in a paint palette.
* Save to your Image Gallery.
* 3 Different sized paint brushes.
* 3 Different sized Erase button.

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Frog's Journey

Frog's Journey is a funny arcade game and it’s included funny sounds. When The Frog moves, the fruits need to be collected from top, so you will get 10points when each fruits collected. Beware of fire ball, If hits fire ball on frogs, health reduced by 10 depending up on the level. Also it’s containing different levels.

* First level frog will be in the forest, you need to earn 100points ( Collect Fruits ) to reach next level and frogs health maximum will be 100.
* Second level frog will reach under the sea, also its little difficult frog need to earn 200points to reach next level.
* Tap the screen to jump frog.
* Collect Fruits.

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Study ABC 123

Ever wanted to teach your child how to write the basics, “Study ABC 123’ is a great learning application for practicing the proper English alphabets and 0 to 9 numbers for kids with sound. Also kids can learn how to pronounce each alphabet and numbers. It’s containing animated effects when changing to each letters and numbers. It is the best ABC tracing alphabet and numbers for kids by using their fingers with different colors.

* All English Alphabet Letters ( Capital Letters and Small Letters )
* 0 - 9 Numbers
* Inspiring ABC and 123 Sounds
* Pronounce Each Alphabet and Numbers Sounds
* Multiple Colors Tracing
* Pure Finger Tracing & Color Painting

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