Manage Your Users Agencies Experience

Bring your mobile marketing efforts together

Bind crucial data points between platforms and brief the whole story to your users. Then, through deeper customer insights, increase your client's ROI and find the best time to engage, and target customers on the platform where they spend the most

Activate your customer data with segments

Identify your target groups easily and quickly using the Audience Builder to segment your users. In addition, we offer flexibility to create unlimited segments based on your own KPIs and goals with complete control of the data you share with your partners.

Build a seamless path from click to install

Catalyze a seamless brand experience to drive installs with personalized deep links. Take users straight into your app with a frictionless and non-conflicting journey. Help them land on the right app store or content page with deferred deep linking from a single click.

Trust your revenue numbers

Farewell to mobile ad fraud- The Appcarry Fraud Prevention Suite puts an end to fraudulent traffic from being attributed to paid channels. Real-time protection lets your clients rest easy, which takes care of all their securities. Only analyze admissible customers interested in your client's app, and never pay for fabricated information

Start Measuring Your Campaign Performance

We combine practice of managing and analyzing project management to its full performance
and to maximize its effectiveness and stay on top of everything.

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