Real-time app analytics

Event Tracking

Complete customizable event tracking

Tracking of events defines your app analytics setup. Appcarry provides you with unlimited number of events, allows you the full control to tailor events as per your specific conversion goals, the events could be anything like signups, purchases, level-ups and others. Long list of filters and varied parameters allow you to dive deep into your unique KPIs and understand user behavior.
Cohorts Analytics

Cohorts are the heart of app analytics

How users engage with your application changes from time to time, Cohort analysis is a powerful tool that allows identify these changing trends quickly and efficiently. The insights that cohort analysis can provide your business with ranges from user retention, revenue, event conversion, and other key aspects of the health of your products. Analyzing in more depth, we calculate the lifetime value (LTV) of your users that belong to cohorts, also showing when you start profiting from paid campaigns.

The most granular cost and ad revenue reporting in the industry

Appcarry allows you to automate the redundant calculations of your ad spend and ad revenue and also helps in analyzing the data at the most granular level possible. Appcarry also provides you with a common platform to receive all the cost data of your campaigns accurately. It also helps you in measuring how many of your users account for your ad revenue, which of the networks bring in the most valuable users, and break down ad revenue to preferred segmentation level.

More actionable insights from various reports


Uninstall and reinstall reporting

Not sure if the user has uninstalled the app or has turned into a ghost user? Appcarry helps you in taking out all the guess work and allows you to optimize all your campaigns to target churned users and bring them back. Reinstall data helps you in measuring your reactivation performance.

LTV reporting

Track how much value your users generate during their app usage lifetime. See how user LTV changes and find your break-even. Identify your most valuable users and find more people just like them.

Measure the impact of TV on mobile

Appcarry dashboard helps you directly work with our TV tracking partners and track the trend of your users as they migrate from the small screens to smartphones.

Take control of your mobile marketing

Learn more about AppCarry’s attribution, audience builder, ad fraud prevention, and in-app bot fraud prevention products and find out how Adjust can help you take full control of your mobile growth.

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