Mobile retargeting

Create Audience

Create the audiences you want for the results you need

Event tracking is the backbone of your app analytics setup. With an unlimited number of events, Appcarry allows you to fully tailor events to your app's specific conversion goals; whether you're aiming for signups, purchases, level-ups and more. Powerful filters and diverse parameters allow you to dive deep into your unique KPIs and understand user cohort behavior.

Advanced re-engagement campaigns that drive growth


Cross Promotion

Create audiences for acquisition campaigns for your other apps, driving uplift across your entire portfolio.

A/B Testing

Use split audiences to test different creatives, messaging, and campaign logic, or test out different partners with the same audience.

Use audiences with any partner

Run retargeting campaigns even with partners that don’t offer retargeting services — Audience Builder sends them everything they need.

Your data stays with you

There’s no need to share every single data point you have to retarget. With other attribution and advertising partners, you’re required to send all of your data, unfiltered. With Audience Builder, you only send advertising IDs or push tokens, preserving privacy and preventing oversharing.

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