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Manage your Users E-Commerce Experience

Where Users Come From

Make use of deeper consumer insights and combine mobile and web marketing campaigns in order to increase your ROI. Find out the perfect time to engage with individual customers and target them using their preferred communication channel.

Analyze In-App Experience

Appcarry allows you to analyze cross platform data, you can find out your most valuable ads, deals, emails and partners no matter where they come from mobile, web, tablet or TV. AppCarry enables you to check data trends on multiple criteria including hourly trends so that you can create more efficient strategies.

Audience Builder

Make use of the data segments to keep your customers engaged and activate the inactive customers. On the basis of your won KPIs you can create unlimited data segments and you can control the data that you share with your partners. Learn more about your users and turn them into loyal customers.

Cross Channel Marketing

Make use of AppCarry Dashboard to measure key KPIs along with other campaigns to make better decisions with the help of real time data.

Data Protection

AppCarry’s Fraud Prevention Suite allows you to keep your data as well as the budget safe. AppCarry gives you real time protection so that you can work with your desired partner without any security concerns

Start Measuring Your Campaign Performance

We combine practice of managing and analyzing project management to its full performance
and to maximize its effectiveness and stay on top of everything.


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