Manage Your Users Finance Experience

Real-time Attribution

Find out where your users come from, AppCarry enables you measure all your campaigns across any partner. Analyze and find out which of the publisher converted the best value users.

Granular Analytics

Create custom campaigns for all your users based on their activity, how they spend, save or send money. Measure what drives a conversion. Optimize the journey of a user while they manage or save money. AppCarry allows you to get hourly data trends to drive best ROI.

Customer Retention

The AppCarry Audience Builder allows you to target, optimize and advertise to the right users in the right way. You can control what data you share with your partners and what you choose not to. Custom Segments using actual data allows you to create a lookalike audience to run campaigns in the future.

Cross-Channel Marketing

AppCarry allows you to measure the efficiency of each channel, which helps you to invest in the channels that actually bring you most value.

Data Protection

AppCarry’s Fraud Prevention Suite allows you to keep your data as well as the budget safe. AppCarry gives you real time protection so that you can work with your desired partner without any security concerns.

Start Measuring Your Campaign Performance

We combine practice of managing and analyzing project management to its full performance
and to maximize its effectiveness and stay on top of everything.

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