Fraud Detection & Prevention

Mobile fraud detection is Yesterday’s News

AppCarry’s Fraud Prevention Suite is the Future

Ad Fraud can easily throw your entire mobile acquisition strategy of its track. Most of the ad fraud solutions available in the market help you only with the detection of Ad Fraud and also they do work effectively in real-time, leaving everything up to the client to take a decision and fix their problems. But with AppCarry’s Fraud Prevention Suite, you get wide-ranging ad fraud prevention that proactively detects and prevents the fraud before it happens, so you can focus on the goals that really matter.

Comprehensive ad fraud analytics to inform your strategy

All of our fraud analysis can be found on the Appcarry dashboard, giving you a holistic analysis of fraudulent trends so that you can act accordingly. You can also get raw data of our fraud analysis fed directly into your preferred endpoint.


Ad fraud detection isn’t enough


SDK Spoofing

Fraudsters easily learn how Mobile Measurement Partner’s SDK works and hence are able fake installs and signals at scale, and suck the blood out of ad budgets dry.

Device Farms

In order to pump hollow installs and gain ad money, Device farms and emulated devices hide behind proxies and data centers.

Click Spamming

To poach organic installs and make you pay for installs you that should not, Fraudsters send waves of clicks towards your campaigns.

Click Injection

Fraudsters more often than not hijack installs by inserting fake clicks around the point of install, which hampers insights and increases acquisition costs.

The Appcarry Fraud Prevention Suite

The Appcarry Fraud Prevention Suite (FPS) provides a comprehensive set of ad fraud prevention tools that blocks mobile ad fraud. Instead of going after devices and users like most other fraud detection services, we focus on rejecting fraudulent signals that fraudsters rely on to steal advertising spend, creating robust protection against ad fraud while passing on legitimate traffic and installs.
Appcarry’s FPS was the first set of fraud prevention tools in the industry. Our filters are now widely accepted and held as the gold standard for Fraud Prevention.

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