Provide Your users, a smooth gaming experience

Advanced Campaign Measurement

Find out your most valuable game players and where the come from, organic, social or paid campaigns. AppCarry lets you plug into multiple partners across the globe and gives you a single dashboard with all relevant filtered results. Make use of this to with the help of our multiple levels of granularity to find out your most successful channel.

Robust In-App Analytics

Deliver an exceptional experience to your users by learning how they play. How many friends have they invited? AppCarry, enables you to get hourly data trends and integrate them with your marketing channels, allowing you to invest in the sources that actually bring you profit.

Audience Builder

With great power comes great responsibility - this is the reason why we have our Audience Builder tool. It allows you to have complete control of the data that you want to share with your partners. You can create custom segments on the basis of actual user data like session frequency, money spent, location, events, and custom events.

Track Campaigns:

AppCarry is one of the leading mobile attribution software that not only detects but prevents mobile app fraud even before you can see it. The AppCarry Fraud Prevention Suite gives you real-time receipt validation hence making sure that the revenue numbers are never inaccurate and hampered by fake transactions.

Start Measuring Your Campaign Performance

We combine practice of managing and analyzing project management to its full performance and to maximize its effectiveness and stay on top of everything.

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