Powerful Features

Mobile Measurement Platform

Measure & analyze the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Mobile attribution

Measure the performance of all your channels with the mobile app attribution available.

Rich in-app events

Define milestone events as per your audience features.

Multi-touch attribution

Broaden your understanding of customer journeys by identifying all touch-points that contribute to conversions.


SDK or S2S integration

Combine the most connected SDK and server-to-server APIs for truly comprehensive reporting.

SKAdNetwork attribution

Overcome the limitations of iOS 14+ with a flexible, 360-degree solution.

CTV & OTT attribution

Reach the young audience with targeted ads on smart TVs.

All the features you expect, even more

In-app measurement

Define milestone events as per your audience features.

Uninstall & reinstall tracking

Track user lifetime value, monitor LTV fluctuations, pinpoint high-value users, and discover similar users to grow your user base.

Custom dashboard

Create dashboards tailored to needs for everyday analysis by utilizing our user-friendly interface.

Cohort & retention reports

Discover the performance of particular customer segments regarding installations, retention, and other metrics over a period.

Pivot tables

Get rid of complicated spreadsheets and simplify your marketing analysis for clearer marketing insights.

Set alerts

Stay informed about your campaign's effectiveness around the clock with notifications that can be sent to email or the Appcarry mobile app.


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