iOS measurement solution

As the mobile marketing industry becomes increasingly privacy-centric, Appcarry is dedicated to next-generation solutions and machine learning iOS measurement innovations that drive growth.

ios attribution

Convert users to consented users

Maximize opt-ins and receive user-level data with the App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework and our research-driven best practices.

ios attribution

Collect insights with transparency

Collect aggregated SKAN data with our extensive network of integrated partners, complemented by flexible and transparent conversion value mapping.

ios attribution

Compute data points into insights

Leveraging both deterministic and aggregated data, our conversion model computes those data points to accurately project performance for key KPIs.

More features

Key features

Advanced Privacy

Comply with all iOS 14+ privacy regulations while getting accurate and actionable insights.

KAdNetwork analytics

Get visibility into SKAN performance KPIs, including CVR, ROI, CPI, ARPU, ROAS, eCPA

ATT analytics

Analyze your app’s ATT opt-in rates and how they perform against industry benchmarks

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