Tracking & analytics

All the features you expect, even more

Measure and optimise the effectiveness of your maketing campaigns with our powerful smart reports.

Visualize & break down engagement trends
Build funnels & find key retention drivers
See the impact of product launches & experiments
Insights report

Real time detailed insights

  • Real time reporting to assist you in making prompt decisions.

  • See how often users perform meaningful actions, monitor growth of key user cohorts, like power users

  • know how current trends compare to previous results.

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Funnel Report

Know who converts and why

  • Build funnels on the fly, then break them down by any user attribute or behavior to understand which users convert best.

  • Locate the funnel steps that cause friction, so you can better engage users before they drop off.

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Signal Report

Identify behaviors that lead long term retention

  • Correlate in-product actions with user engagement, retention, or any meaningful event, such as making a purchase.

  • Use your findings to nudge users towards the actions that lead them to experience value and stick around.

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Our powerful reporting features

Click tracking

Track user engagement by tracing clicks on tracking URLs.

Conversion tracking

Conversion tracking can help to understand how a click can lead to valuable user activity.

Real-time insights

Real time reporting to assist you in making prompt decisions.

Cohorts analysis

Gain deeper insights of your campaigns with our cohort analysis report.

Postback logs

Don't need to wait for logs from partners to identify and rectify postback integration errors.

Reporting automation

Automate your reports to be sent on your email.

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