Partner Management

All the features you expect, even more

A comprehensive answer to all of your requirements for managing affiliate partnerships.

Affiliate & advertiser dashboard
Affiliate & & advertiser billing
Advertiser specific postback
Insights report

Partners dashboard

  • Slice and dice user behavior trends to explore them from all angles.

  • See how often users perform meaningful actions, monitor growth of key user cohorts, like power users

  • know how current trends compare to previous results.

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All the features you expect, even more

Overview dashorad

You will always have access to a concise, up-to-date summary that includes essential performance metrics.

Affiliate management

Manage affiliate access to campaigns. Set auto-generation invoice frequency, group affiliates into different offer payments assignment or even block unwanted one.

Multi currency and timezones

Appcarry has the capability to operate with multiple currencies and various time zones, which can contribute to improved performance.

Campaign access

You can manage the level of access that affiliates have to offers by using authorization statuses such as public, requires approval and private.

Employee management

You can create an unlimited number of accounts for your employees and control their access (view and edit) to particular features.

Multiple tracking domains

Use different tracking domains for your campaigns to minimize the risk of being blocked by browsers or social medias.

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