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Powerful automation

Appcarry's automation tools can enhance the efficiency and affordability of digital ads, by increasing revenue and lowering expenses.

Hassle freecampaign syncronization
Smart campaigns URLs for multiple campaigns targeting.
Create custom alerts to keep you informed
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Campaign automation

  • Threshold management for clicks, conversions, and impressions, with a smart alert system to keep you informed about changes.

  • Single rule management. No need to create multiple rules to manage multiple campaigns, affiliates and sub-sources.

  • Custom alerts to keep you informed about your performance around the clock with real-time notifications of any rule violations.

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Offer checker

  • Automatically check if your campaign links are functioning properly, and receive notifications if a link fails or if there is a preview URL mismatch.

  • Group your links with offer checker according to advertiser, partner, or customized sources to prevent blocking partners when traffic sources underperformed.

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Campaign synchronization

  • Integrate advertisers and tracking systems to fetch your campaigns hassle-free.

  • In just a few clicks, you can sync campaigns, add credentials, and update existing campaigns..

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